5 ways AI can change the world

We all are familiar of the term Artificial Intelligence and its importance now a days. Not only today but AI can going to transform our lives in the future as well. From entertainment to education, medical to forecasting, transportation to cyber-security, the impact of AI is EVERYWHERE! In short, AI has taken over our lives. Moreover, AI has the ability to provide job opportunities for the students and graduates. There are a lot of ways AI can change the world.

In this article we will discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the future and five ways AI can change the world through five of the sectors mentioned above. 


The role of AI in the entertainment and media is undeniable. Entertainment sector is one of the five ways through which AI can change the World.  AI algorithms are used in content creation and to increase marketing. Besides this, AI tools are already being used in online shopping and making the customer experience better. Moreover, Augmented reality and virtual reality are widely used in the entertainment industry.  

In the future, AI will make it possible to automate the marketing processes. AI algorithms are expected to make the experience of entertainment as real as possible in the future.


AI plays an important role in healthcare sector especially in the diagnosis of different medical diseases like brain tumor, cancers and its stages etc. AI not only helps in understanding different medical conditions but also guide us to treat them in a better way. Additionally, artificial intelligence is also helpful in drug discovery. AI has the potential to transform the future of medical sector and overcome the challenges in healthcare sector. In the future, AI can automate a physician’s tasks and reduce the time required to diagnose and suggest the treatment of a disease. In the coming years, AI will provide more efficient healthcare facilities and medical care.

AI and COVID-19 

As we are living in a Global Pandemic I.e COVID-19, we all are finding ways to reduce its spread.  When it comes to controlling COVID-19 spread, AI is playing a vital role in analyzing, diagnosing early symptoms, daily updates, forecasting the spread and developing necessary warnings accordingly. 

Moreover, AI tools and algorithms have helped a lot in developing vaccines for COVID-19. In the same way, AI algorithms are more likely to control the spread of COVID-19 in the future as well. AI can provide better techniques for prevention and reduce the burden of health care providers. This is one of the five ways AI can change the world. Most importantly, AI will help in detecting the future outbreaks of new viruses and make the World a safe place. 


AI can transform the educational sector in the next decade. In the future, AI can help automating  tasks of teachers like grading so the teachers can focus on their class lectures. But sometimes students are weak in learning, so for those students AI tutors will help them in learning.  

If you are thinking about what AI tutors are. Then we are here to tell you! 

AI tutors ae basically Artificial Intelligence programs based on 0s and 1s which can help students to learn efficiently. These programs have also the possibility to help student learn high-order creativity and thinking or more likely replacing the role of teachers in the future. 

New Job Opportunities 

Last but absolutely not the least important thing that AI will change in the future and that is creating new job opportunities. 

Although we all are aware of the fact that AI will transform our World in the coming years and AI will be everywhere but that does not mean that robots will take our jobs. Well, might be.. 

As we already know that AI is automating many repetitive tasks, however AI will automate jobs as well. By 2030, it is also expected the huge increase in the Global GDP that ultimately contributes in increasing productivity. It is thought that AI eliminates job opportunities but factually, it creates more job opportunities than it eradicates like in cyber security- more and more jobs opportunities are creating with the advancement of AI. In this way, more jobs are expected to be created in the next few years. 

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