Apple introduced FaceTime for android

Apple introduced FaceTime for Android

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About FaceTime

Apple FaceTime is popular audio-video calling app designed to offer video and audio calling for Apple users. The application makes sure that users are able to stay in touch with their loved ones, friends and relatives. The free to use FaceTime App runs on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. FaceTime is well-known among its users for providing great quality for audio and video calls, whereas apps like Google Duo, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skype don’t offer such good quality for bandwidth comparatively.

Apple FaceTime Now for Non-Apple Users? YES. You heard it right!

We know, this application was specifically introduced for apple users. But now communication through this application is not limited to iOS devices only instead, users of this app can now make video calls from iOS to android too. This means that it is now designed for Android users as well. Apple has left everyone surprised after announcing that its exclusively designed Apple users audio-video calling app i.e. Facetime is now available for android users but in reality, it is a smart move from Apple to bring more Android/Windows users to Apple’s ecosystem.

It’s true that android users can now join FaceTime but Apple don’t give full authority to the android users for making audio-video calls. We are unaware of the fact that only Apple users can invite  android users to join FaceTime calls. This too, via a link sent to them by an Apple user. This means that they can send you a link to a FaceTime call through text, email, WhatsApp or calendar invite. Non-apple users can not set up calls themselves. One still cannot start a Facetime call until or unless, you have an apple device or an apple account.

So, basically Apple has kept all control in its hands. This is a big strategy of Apple for opening up FaceTime to other platforms. Apple’s closed eco-system is very well-known. It can still fully control its software as well as hardware. Apple has tight and full authority in its hands which means even now, only Apple users can set up FaceTime call and not Android users.

It is announced that with iOS 15 update, some other features are also added for facetime like the Share-Play which is a new way to share content and it also allows users to watch or listen to the same content during a group Facetime call. FaceTime will also have some features like to eliminate noise, making it easier to hear a speaker and blur the background behind a call participant. In addition to this, Apple introduced a grid view for FaceTime group calls.

How to join Facetime call on Android!

It’s an Apple IOS 15 update which allows android users to join FaceTime. If you have a friend or a
relative who owns an apple device.

  •  For setting up a call, they can send you a link to your android device
  •  We get link through text, email, WhatsApp or calendar invite
  •  Click on the link
  •  Open it in your browser
  •  Approved by apple user
  • You can join the call now
  • Voila, Enjoy!!

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