Everything you need to know about firebase

Most developers prefer software development forms that reduce the hassle of creating a proper infrastructure. One that provides analytics about the user’s behavior and accommodates rapid development. For this purpose, google developed a backend platform known as Firebase. The question that arises at this point is what is firebase?

What is firebase:

It is a development platform for web and mobile-based applications. A variety of tools and services are provided. This enables them to create high-end applications, grow their user base, and earn more in terms of profit.

Various firebase services:

Firebase services can be divided into two main categories. One that allows you to develop and test your applications. The other type allows you to grow and engage with your audience.


Developers who’ve battled with finding an arrangement for holding on to client information will appreciate the Firebase Realtime Database. It’s a cloud-based NoSQL database arrangement. Information is put away in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) arrangement for simple recovery. The recovery is without the complicated hassles of internal and external joins related to SQL queries.

The Firebase Realtime Database performs up-to-the-millisecond synchronization. This means when the data is updating, all the devices running the app immediately get the upgrades. It’s a solution that gives clients from different areas the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and arrange more successfully.


Most applications require the identity of its users. Firebase provides authentication services for web and mobile applications. It makes it easier for the developers to provide authentication and authorization for users. Furthermore, it provides sign-on support with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and google. It provides good security standards.


Firebase also provides hosting services for your static and dynamic content. You can easily deploy web applications and serve your content. It offers security, faster delivery and rapid deployment of applications.


Firebase storage is a standalone solution for storing data that is being generated by users. It is designed specifically to provide security, ensure good networking, and to scale easily. It works even without good networking and uploads your data to cloud storage.

Remote Configuration:

It allows you to immediately publish updates to the users. You can quickly and easily update your applications without having to create a new application. Developers have the control over how often the applications are updated. They also get to decide how often these updates are applied.

Cloud messaging:

Firebase Cloud Informing (FCM) gives a solid and battery-efficient association between your server and gadgets. This permits you to provide and get messages and notifications on iOS, Android, and web at no costs.

Not only can you send notifications, but you can also send data messages. It can deliver messages effectively and instantly. There is no coding involved in this. Moreover, you can also send information like app data. Allows the developers to deliver messages to client applications


If you need to test your applications in an isolated environment you can use Firebase Test Lab. It is an environment for testing android applications. Also, it provides you the opportunity to run the applications on real devices instead of emulators. You can use it with android studio, firebase console, and G-cloud command line.

Crash Reporting:

When your application crashes the developers will be notified about it. As a result, they will also be able to receive reports that offer tips on how to detect and resolve the issues. It gives developers the ability to monitor errors and collect data to diagnose the problem which caused the problem.


Analytics help you provide insight into the usage of applications and user engagement. It helps you understand how your users are behaving. It helps you make informed decisions regarding optimization and marketing.

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