The HKHR wall printer; the best wall printing machine

The HKHR wall printer; the best wall printing machine

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The Wall Printer is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that detects the surface of the wall and can consequently alter the machine to draw any realistic and/or photo with 3D effects. Compared with an artist’s physical painting, the programmed 3D wall printing is shockingly effective.

In hypothesis, the wall printer is additionally a kind of digital inkjet printer. And the wall printer is improved on the guideline of the computerized inkjet printer machine. But there are numerous contrasts between them.

What is the difference?

  • The computerized inkjet printer jets ink drops vertically downwards. Whereas the wall printer changes the heading of the print head so that the direction of jetting ink drops becomes horizontal and forward.
  • The digital inkjet printers are for the most part inside, and they need to work inside a certain temperature extend. The working rooms will be equipped with air-conditioning to guarantee that they work in a consistent temperature environment. But, the working environment of the wall printer is exceptionally complicated. Both indoor and open-air, distinctive temperatures, different levels of winds, and dust will all have a great effect on it.
  • When the digital inkjet printer is working, the main body of the machine does not move, only the head and roller move. This working strategy makes the body exceptionally steady, so the carriage speed of the printer can be very speedy, In order to make strides in the efficiency of printing. While the wall printer is totally distinctive. When it is working, the main body of the machine is moving. Since it does not move, and the carriage speed of the wall printer(that’s, the speed of the upper and lower rails) cannot be adjusted.

Why use it?

  • Easy to setup
  • Mobile printing
  • Fast printing
  • No shape restriction
  • Uses highly pigmented, durable, and eco-friendly UV ink
  • From 4 m (~13 ft) high, unlimited width
  • Prints effortlessly on any vertical surface
  • Runs on 15 patented technologies

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