These 5 programming languages everyone should learn

Programming languages and coding has made our life easier. With the emergence of technology, each and everything is a click away. Whether it is banks, shopping, groceries, hospitals, handyman’s all aspects of our lives depend on coding. Every other firm all across the world requires coding as a core skill, especially in the IT sector. Does the question arise which programming languages should one learn in the year 2020? The ever-growing list of programming languages makes it difficult for a programmer and developer to decide which one to pick to land suitable jobs. Here are these 5 programming languages everyone should learn.

The 5 programming languages

Python :

Python proceeds to be one of the leading programming dialects each programmer ought to learn this year. The dialect is easy to learn and offers a clean and well-structured code, making it capable and sufficient enough to construct a decent web application. It is one of the most promising programming languages and has the loyalty of its users. Other than that it is free, is relatively easy, simpler to code and understand. Python offers a large variety of built-in libraries. It offers open-source libraries, frameworks, and modules that make development easier. Using python you can build web-based, desktop, and GUI-based applications.

You can use it in machine learning, data science, and networking. Python is the most popular language for data science. It is easier for you to learn python if you have experience with c sharp and java. Python offers popular libraries for web development such as Django and flask. It also offers libraries like pandas, SciPy, TensorFlow, etc. for applications for data science. To accelerate your career growth, you need to learn python.


Java is an object-oriented programming language designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Programmers are using Java as it is one of the topmost popular programming languages. Developers are using it to create server-side applications. Moreover, it is definitely a wise choice for developing android applications. By using it developers create high functioning programs and platforms.

In the same way, it provides good security and does not require any specific hardware because it is easy to manage. Java is comparatively easier than c and c++ because it maps real-life objects into code. Compiled Java code can run on any platform that supports java and you don’t have to recompile it.


JavaScript is a popular language among those developers that need to work on both server and client sides. It is compatible with other programming languages which allows you to create animations, setting up buttons, and manage multimedia. JavaScript is an ultimate hit in the IT domain as it offers high speed and annual updates. It is a lightweight and high-level scripting language. It is the world’s most popular web-based programming language. Renowned firms like Netflix, Uber, and few start-ups use JavaScript to create dynamic web-based pages that are secure and fast in nature.


Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language. It is developed by Apple and offers developers a simple and united syntax. Writing code in swift is fun and interactive due to its concise yet expressive syntax. Code in swift is safe to design and produces software’s that are quite fast. It supports Python and ruby which are fast, secure, and easy to learn. It is versatile and practical which has replaced objective c as the main language for applications related to apple.

Programmers having little or zero experience can use Swift playgrounds to learn how to code. In addition, they can work on native iOS apps for both mac and iPhones. So, it is a primary language and developers are using it to create iOS applications in no time. Also, it is one of the leading languages and can open job opportunities for you.


PHP is one of the many languages programmers are using on the server-side to build web-based applications. It has become surprisingly fast and powerful over the years. Many large-scale websites use PHP. Also, is very easy to learn and code since it is very similar to C. It is quite flexible and versatile. PHP is one of the topmost five demanding languages. It has strong support from Microsoft and apple as part of IDEs. Programmers are using swift in developing web applications, websites, cloud computing, and machine learning.

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