What is Facebook Wi-Fi and how does it help pages grow?

What is Facebook Wi-Fi and how does it help pages grow?

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What is Facebook Wi-Fi?
Facebook Wi-Fi is basically a software that is installed on Wi-Fi routers. It helps customers to check in and receive free Wi-Fi from the business they are visiting. Facebook Wi-Fi feature is very easy and user friendly. Customers can access free internet with the help of Facebook Wi-Fi in a very simple and quick way. They do not need to manually search for all the available Wi-Fi networks and there will be no more burden of sharing passwords.

Facebook Wi-Fi Features
Facebook Wi-Fi has some features:

Grow your Business

The most important benefit of Facebook Wi-Fi is that it helps you in growing you business. It helps more people to find your business. Either get discovered by friends, friends of friends, and acquaintances who visited your business or by people who searched for Wi-Fi on Facebook.

Get Insights

You can also get insights on how many people checked in to your page, number of new or unique users, and also the number of one-time and returning visitors with the help of Facebook Wi-Fi.

Easy Access

Also, there is one more benefit of using Facebook Wi-Fi is that people who visit your page do not need any password for accessing Wi-Fi. This means that it gives secure access to Wi-Fi.

How Facebook Wi-Fi help growing Businesses

Facebook Wi-Fi can be a powerful tool for marketing and growing your business.
How? We will explain you thoroughly!

Your customers become your Marketers!!
So, if your clients or customers use Wi-Fi in your business then Facebook Wi-Fi can prove extremely helpful marketing tool. Every time someone checks into your business on Facebook, its shared with all friends of that particular customer. This means that for every one customer or client that checks into your business there is the potential for hundreds of new people to be aware of the existence of your business.

Connect with other Social Media

More engagement and increase in activity on your page by connecting it with other social media platforms like Instagram. Visitors can follow your business profile to get latest updates. With that, you can also reward your customers with some offers or coupons on your Facebook page which helps in promoting your business.

Increase your Facebook page visibility

It is a secure and hassle-free way to increase your Facebook page visibility and accessibility. When more and more people check in to your page, the engagement increases which leads to increase in the activity on your page. This in turn, improves how your page ranks in Facebook Graph search. This also increases your ranking on “nearby places” on Facebook app as well as the increased reviews for your business which also helps your page to rank higher.

Get more customers

If your business is giving free Wi-Fi then obviously more customers will be attracted towards your business. It’s a no brainer! It means that customers will surely choose you over other competitors who does not have free Wi-Fi and in this way this can be an incredible way to stand out from your competitors.

Facebook Live Video
Another way can be Facebook Live video. Let’s suppose you are at any restaurant and you get a free Wi-Fi. You can promote your business through Facebook live video in a way that you can ask your customers to come live and tell their experience in their restaurant like about the food, ambiance and service. When the customers will come live on Facebook, their friends will get a notification to see the live video which will tremendously increase their reach.

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