Whatsapp disappering messages is officially launched

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Is Officially Launched

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WhatsApp is one of the largest multi platform messaging applications owned by Facebook. You can download it for free via Appstore or google store. This application allows you to make videos, capture images, and share any sort of media files. WhatsApp has made it easier to connect with your friends and family via video or audio calls. WhatsApp has launched a new feature called as WhatsApp Disappearing Messages.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

At the beginning of this year, it was announced by WhatsApp in a post that they will soon be integrating disappearing messages. This feature automatically deletes the messages after a short period. Everyone had been waiting for this feature for quite a long time and it has been finally introduced.

How does WhatsApp disappear messages work?

Using this feature allows a person to delete messages for an individual or a group chat. The messages will automatically delete after seven days. It allows you to control all the messages with in the chat. Enabling this feature would not affect the messages sent or received prior to the implementation. In individual conversations either person could enable this feature. Whereas, in group chats only the admin has the authority to enable it.

If an individual does not open their WhatsApp in the given time i.e. seven days, the messages will disappear. On contrary, you can still see the preview of the message in the notifications. Other than that, the initial message is in quotation. If you are replying to a disappearing message, the quoted message will remain intact. If you forward a disappearing message in a chat that has enabled this feature, it will not get deleted. Moreover, if a user creates a backup of chats the disappearing messages will be included in it. However, if a user restores the backup, the disappearing messages will be deleted.

How to enable it?

To enable the feature, you have to make sure that the latest version of WhatsApp is installed on your device. For android phones, the latest version is as for apple users the latest version is After you have ensured that the latest version is installed on your device, you can proceed to use this feature. Tap on the contact information and scroll down, you will discover the disappearing message feature. This feature will be enabled once you tap on it, by default it has been disabled.

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